DC Metal Construction HQ, Ennis, TX

Mission Statment

“We Pursue Excellence in Every Opportunity”

In an age when contractors loosely throw about terms such as: integrity, quality, service, etc., few actually deliver. At DC Metal Construction, we have bet our business and reputation on the qualities behind such terms. We abide by these qualities. However, we would rather demonstrate our commitment to these qualities than to simply talk about them. Whether your project is small or large, we never forget that the same principles apply for each. That is why we strive to make every customer a satisfied customer. That is what is behind the company name, DC Metal Construction.


DC Metal Construction, Inc. was formed by Timothy W. Hendrix as Sole Proprietorship in 1998, and Incorporated with wife Janie Hendrix in January 2003. The combination of husband/wife team works because both have a vision bringing excellence into the construction industry. The Texas building and construction company is focused on family which made the decision to bring son Timothy Dustin in as a partner in January 2005 an obvious choice.

Our Promise

DC Metal Construction’s objective is to satisfy that market segment that demands integrity & quality construction, to maintain a steady growth in sales volume that will sustain the company and its employees for many years.

Our plan is to continue treating employees as family and customers with integrity. We have an open door policy if there is a problem come to us and we will address it immediately.

Tim, Janie & Dusty believe this vision of excellence has brought steady growth and will continue for years to come.

Sub-Contractors & Vendors

DC Metal Construction, Inc. prides ourselves in not only building quality engineered buildings but also building long term relationships with our subcontractors and vendors of Texas building and construction.

We know how vital your contribution is to our success. We also believe that respect, integrity and loyalty work both ways. So just as we hold you to rigorous standards of quality, safety and efficiency, we promise to deliver what you value most. We specialize in Dallas building construction, and Texas building construction.

Here’s what we expect from our subcontractors:

  • Craftsmanship of the highest caliber
  • A reliable financial reputation
  • Integrity — a company with a history of standing behind its word
  • Consistency — we depend on you to meet deadlines without sacrificing quality and safety
  • Forward thinking — the ability to see beyond a single project, and the desire to be part of building something more

Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • We promise to treat your firm as a true team member
  • We guarantee fair and timely payment
  • We have support initiatives in place for continued safety improvement
  • We nurture our subcontractor relationships, so success leads to continued growth
  • All the benefits of working with one of the nation’s top contractors

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DC Metal Construction’s Goal is to keep our employee’s, clients and sub-contractors 100% Accident Free.

Read more: Safety

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A Sign of Quality

DC Metal a Sign of Quality

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